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Purpose of Advisory: The Advisory lessons, designed and implemented by Bernal Staff, support students in forging positive relationships to peers and the school, building connections and competence around topics that are meaningful and relevant to life outside of school, and infusing learning with fun while combining both social and academic interactions.  Below is a list of Advisory Topics that students engaged in throughout the 2015-16 school year. 


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You are invited to attend the Oak Grove School District Parent Information Series. Each session is designed to provide you with information that will bride home and school. Oak Grove School District knows that being a parent is perhaps the most challenging and most important job most of us will ever have and the staff of Oak Grove School District is committed to supporting your efforts. Through a deeper understanding of your child’s educational experience, we hope to help you develop the positive attitudes and habits in your child that are critically important to long-term success in school and in life. Childcare is provided. Watch for special flyers on each event and please plan to join us.


November 1, 2016 ‐ 6:30‐8:00 PM  Science Education for the 21st Century @ Bernal Intermediate


January 10, 2017 ‐ 6:30‐8:00 PM  OGSD Educational Choice Faire‐Options for Parents (6:30‐7:00) College‐Making It Happen (7:00‐8:00) @ Herman Intermediate


March 21, 2017 ‐ 6:30‐8:00 PM  Textbooks to Chromebooks:  How has the classroom changed? Join the amazing OGSD EdTech team to learn about technology in the classroom  today.  @ Davis Intermediate


April 25, 2017 ‐ 6:30‐8:00 PM  Science Education for the 21st Century @Herman Intermediate


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October 7, 2016


Dear Oak Grove Staff and Community:


I wanted to make you aware of an issue (in case you haven’t heard) that continues to spread throughout social media outlets and the news.  The “creepy clown” or “clowning” phenomenon has been an issue in other parts of the country and we’re beginning to hear stories of concerns in other Bay Area locations and in Southern California.  “Clowning” includes dressing up as a scary clown and frightening or harassing people.  The definition is very vague and can include a wide range of threats from minor to serious.


Below is a link to a story published recently in the DA Daily (District Administration) about the issue in other states:




We are not aware of any incidences in Oak Grove School District; however, we are aware this topic is being discussed by many students.  Should we be informed of any incidents, we will work with our local authorities to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and community.


It is unfortunate that social media is being used to promote such disruptive behavior.  As relayed by other school districts, there have been students spreading this rumor by posting Instagram and Facebook comments that have been perceived as threatening.  Please remind your student that making a social media post that threatens a school and/or student is considered a serious offense.


With Halloween approaching, this is an excellent opportunity to talk with your student about safety.  Due to this newest phenomenon, we will not allow any clown costumes, any costumes that disguise the identity of the student, nor any play weapons.  Children should always walk with others (parents or friends), they should not talk to individuals they do not know, especially individuals in full costume, and they should always let a parent or family member know where they are at all times.


We appreciate our community for being vigilant and helping our District as we work together to be informed and mindful of events that may be topics of discussion for our children.


Thank you, as always, for your continued support of our students and our schools.




José L. Manzo



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Spring 2016 CAASPP Student Reports

Dear Parents or Guardians:

In early August, we will be mailing home the individual students’ CAASPP results.

Shortly before school ended for the year, students took part in the 2015–16 California ...more

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2016-17 School Year

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Door Decorating Winners: Mrs. Huang's Lil Puppies!

Mrs. Huang: Lil Puppies!

Door Decorating Winners: Mrs. Slater's Four Seasons!

Door Decorating Winners: Mrs. Slater's Four Seasons!

Door Decorating Winners: Ms. Jackson's Broadway!

Door Decorating Winners: Ms. Jackson's Broadway!

Door Decorating Winners: Ms. Bylsma's Star Wars!

Door Decorating Winners: Ms. Bylsma's Star Wars!