Bernal Intermediate School has a Common Student Dress policy.  Below are the Common Student Dress guidelines.  Students are expected to wear the following daily:


1.     Denim blue jean, black, or khaki pants, shorts, or skirts.  Shorts/skirts must be as long as student’s fingertips when arms are extended down.  Basketball shorts in black, white, or gray are acceptable without red or blue stripes.  No Sweatpants. No leggings. Pants/shorts should be form-fitting and cannot be worn down on the hips.

2.     Solid black, white, or gray polo shirts.  Colored tank tops worn underneath polo shirts are acceptable withoutshades of red or blue.

3.     Black, white, or gray jackets, sweatshirts, or hoodies. Logos on outerwear are acceptable without shades of red or blue.  Logo must be school appropriate, no violence. (Hoods should be removed when entering the building and should remain off during the instructional day).

4.     Spirit wear (Bernal shirt, sweatshirt, etc.) purchased as a result of a band performance, sport team, club, student council, etc. may be worn any day of the week.

5.     P.E. clothing is for P.E. and may not be worn other than in student’s P.E. class.


These guidelines along with the district dress code guidelines will be printed in the Bernal Student Handbooks that will be handed out on the first day of school.  These guidelines will also be reviewed with students the first week of school and reinforced throughout the school year.  Students should plan to come to school on the first day wearing their Common Student Dress.




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Bernal Calendar of Events

Today: 9/2/14


After School Sports Rec Program

Mr. Haneta and Mr. Beaulieu will be providing opportunities for any student to play volleyball, basketball, badminton, and ultimate Frisbee after school from 2:30-3:45 Mon-Thurs for the month of September. Attached is the schedule of what sport will be provided on each day. Students will be required to sign in and stay the entire time unless a parent note is shown asking for an earlier release time. This will be fun, so we hope to see you once in a while or every day--it's your choice!!!

Posted by: Steve Beaulieu
Published: 8/28/14

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