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September Newsletter


September 2014



Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,



The Bernal Staff is pleased with our smooth opening for the 2014-15 School Year. Bernal students have adjusted well into our climate of Respect, Responsibility, Safety and Integrity (RISE), and the academic expectations that arise with six various periods. We ask that you join us in reinforcing our school and District rules by reminding students to follow our Bernal Positive Behavior Intervention and Support System.



Term 1 Progress Report cards will come home on Friday, October 4, 2014.  Please use School loop to discuss any concerns or questions that pertain to your child’s progress. Our academic counselors, Mrs. Alves and Mrs. Kordes are always available during the school day to support your needs concerning your child’s academic, social and emotional support.



Our number one priority is to educate students in a safe learning environment to this end it is important that students follow rules every day they are present in school.  As adults who are concerned about student safety we encourage students who are having problems with other students to seek out the guidance of a counselor, administrator, or teacher before things become critical.  A few incidents have occurred over the last week involving students who did not inform staff or parents.  These incidents could have been avoided without serious consequences if students had informed their parents or school officials.  Parents can assist us by keeping the school administration informed if you learn of any student conflicts which could lead to serious disciplinary measures.  Thank you for your cooperation.



To enhance our school communication among parents, students and school staff, our school provides a website program entitled, School loop. We have added our morning messages, which students hear every day, onto this page as well, so that parents know what the latest and greatest news is, as well. Parents can register for School Loop by going to www.bernalis.schoolloop.com. Please contact Cindy Paigen, a school teacher here at Bernal or our counselors with assistance that may be needed.



We will have an election for our parent community to join the School Site Council, which meets 5-6 times a year to discuss our school’s instructional focus, budget and other pertinent information. If you would like to be on the ballot for a one year term, to represent our parent community, please send a one page intention letter to the Principal at kclecak@ogsd.net by Friday, September 26th. Elections will take place the following week.




Home & School Club FUNDRAISER:

Please support our Home and School Club Fundraising effort by joining us Wednesday, September 24th, at Sweet Tomatoes located off Bernal Road. If you bring a flyer (in our office or copy off School loop), our H&SC receive a good percentage back to support our entire school body. Last year, this was THE event to be at. You never know what teacher, administrator, or coach will show up.



Our school newsletters will be published monthly for our parent community. In order to save printing cost, the newsletter will be posted on our School Loop webpage. Please contact the school office if you would prefer to have a hard copy of the newsletter sent to you. Copies of the newsletter are available in the school office.




First Dance                                                                Friday, Sept. 26 Forum 2:45 – 5:00 PM

Book Fair Week                                                                             October 6 -10th

Morning Book Fair Event                                         Wednesday, October 8th library 8:30 AM

District Disaster Drill                                                Thursday, October 16th








Kristina Clecak                                                                       Janine Stovall

Principal Bernal School                                                         Assistant Principal

Posted by: Cindy Paigen
Published: 9/22/14

Halloween Costume Guidelines 2014

Students and Parents,


Those who choose to dress up for Halloween on Friday, October 31st, must adhere to the following guidelines (see attached).  Students who do not plan to dress up should wear their Common Student Dress.


Thank you,


Ms. Stovall

Posted by: Janine Stovall
Published: 9/15/14

Support of our PBIS System at School

Dear Bernal Families,


We are asking for your collaboration in developing amazing students and citizens by creating a climate of respect, responsibility, safety and integrity in our children. We are implementing a program of Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS). Here are some specifics about our school and PBIS.


First, at Bernal, we are focusing on behavioral expectations of: Respect, Integrity, Safety, and Responsible behavior (R.I.S.E). This is part of a systems change program we are supporting in an effort to increase time on task and improving academic achievement. We would like to grow as partners with you and your organization and work together to everyone’s benefit. The first way you can support us is by verbally acknowledging positive behaviors shown by our students while on campus or in the community. This will help our students understand their behavior and make connections from what they are learning in school to how they interact in the community. We feel that labeling appropriate behavior will increase that behavior in all students in all areas of their lives.


Secondly, we would like to ask you for some support of our PBIS system at school. As part of the system we have in place, students receive verbal and physical acknowledgements of appropriate behavior. Students receive Bronco Bucks from their teachers and support personnel when they are behaving appropriately and displaying a behavior we are focusing on during that time period. Students can save up these bucks to earn various rewards such as school and art supplies, snacks, games, crafts, extra recess time, etc. We are asking if there is anything you would like to contribute to our program from your home or business to our PBIS Student Store. In the past we have received things such as gift cards, advertising tangibles (key chains with a business name on it), old posters from a movie theater, coupons from restaurants, free dinner when attending restaurant with their parents, donated school or office supplies, and other incentives. Any support or donations that you could provide us would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact us with any way you would like to support our program here.


We thank you for your support in the education of all students. Please contact me with any questions or suggestions you may have. We would really like to see this as a two-way relationship in which we all benefit by molding more and more future leaders here at Bernal.    


Sincerely, The PBIS Team


Janine Stovall            Keely Elizabeth Berg 

jstovall@ogsd.net      kberg@ogsd.net

Assistant Principal     Instructional Coach 

Posted by: Mrs. Berg
Published: 9/11/14


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