How-To Create a Parent/Student Hero Account


Dear Families,


An important reminder for families about Hero!


The Hero program is used by schools nationwide for recognizing stand-out student behavior. Hero will help us operate efficiently, and it will help us keep consistent policies running throughout the school. Hero will keep an accurate record of things like tardies, school event attendance, classroom participation, and positive student behavior. Hero also allows our staff to be more data driven.


In the simplest sense, Hero will help Bernal run more efficiently, which means that the biggest impact of the program will be that your child will spend more time in class. Many Hero schools have seen big changes in school climate, which means that that time will be safer and more productive, too.


Hero takes their responsibility to protect sensitive student information very seriously. Along with top of the line technical security, they have internal policies that put your child’s privacy first. It’s also important to note that Hero doesn’t store any SSNs or student health records, and that the data Hero collects is strictly behavioral.


At Bernal, your child’s privacy, security and safety are of the utmost importance to us. Because of this, we will work closely with Hero to ensure that the programs we put in place are not only FERPA compliant, but also compliant with all requirements unique to our state, our district, and our school. We’re extremely excited to bring Hero into Bernal and look forward to seeing the positive impact that it will have.


To register as a Parent or Student, follow these easy steps:

1) Go to

2) Select the parent or student button

3) Click “Create An Account”

Hero 1.PNG

4) Enter name, your email address, choose a password, click “Create user”

Hero 1a.PNG

5) Click “Add Student”

Hero 1b.PNG

6) A pop up with ask “Did your school provide you with a secure key to access Hero?” - Select “NO”

7) Enter student ID#, birthdate, and last name (ID # is located on your student’s schedule of classes)



Download the Hero App

Once you register online, you may download the HERO app from the itunes or Google Play stores to keep track of HERO behavior history and Hero point balances.




Keely elizabeth Berg

Assistant Principal


Hero Parent + Student Engagement Tools:


Posted by: Mrs. Keely Elizabeth Berg Published:10/27/17
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