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Purpose of Advisory: The Monday Advisory lessons, designed and implemented by Bernal Staff, support students in forging positive relationships to peers and the school, building connections and competence around topics that are meaningful and relevant to life outside of school, and infusing learning with fun while combining both social and academic interactions.  Below is a list of Advisory Topics that students will engage in throughout the 2015-16 school year.


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Photos of your graduating students at the ceremony are available for purchase from Lifetouch.

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There will be an orientation for students new to Bernal and their parents/guardians on Tuesday, August 9 at 6:00 pm.





Please see the digital flyer of summer opportunities for students to stay engaged and curious! https://www.smore.com/7zj3p 


Camp MakeHers

A Creative Adventure Just for Girls

For this unique week, Camp Bothin transforms into an innovative all-girl maker space. Girls at Camp MakeHers have the best of both worlds! Not only do they get to tinker with micro-controllers and design your own wearable electronics, they also get a classic camp experience, full of swimming, hiking, ropes course, and s’mores by the campfire!


In this collaborative environment, girls develop their STEM skills in a hands-on, creative maker capacity. Working with power tools, soldering irons, or Arduinos (small, programmable microcontrollers) girls build and code your own interactive inventions. And all along the way, you are supported by an expert group of professional STEM female mentors who guide them through tinkering and troubleshooting.


Camp MakeHers is where girls work together to dive into creative problem solving and hands-on learning.  And because we know that girls of all ages and levels of expertise can be amazing makers, we have opportunities for everyone.

Why Camp MakeHers?

Our approach: Camp MakeHers uses STEM and Making as a foundation for girls to tap into their creativity and explore their own interests. Our program encourages cooperative learning and girl-led activities, all with the support of female experts in Maker-related fields.

Our advantage: Camp MakeHERS gives girls access to like-minded makers, and provides facilitators and mentors who create a safe, supportive, inclusive environment for girls. The most effective programs – as evidenced by long-term impact on women in STEM fields – combine both STEM and youth development – building confidence and self-knowledge as well as STEM interest.

Our expertise: Girl Scout program staff partners with experts in subject matter and evaluation to develop and deliver programs for over 6,000 girls each year, designed to activate girls’ interest in Making and STEM.  We have a successful track record of cultivating STEM partnerships to develop innovative and scalable programs for girls of all ages.

Our facilities: Recently renovated and conveniently located in Marin County, Camp Bothin is our most utilized property and an ideal Maker space. Bothin offers modern and comfortable facilities and a beautiful outdoor environment where girls can connect with nature and problem solve together.

Wizard Makers- Grades 5-10, July 24 - 30, 2016 

Enjoy a 7 day session to design more complex objects and build your own maker project.


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7th & 8th Science does Rat Dissection

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