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Bernal's Mattress Fundraiser!
Posted 8/15/19

Bernal's First Annual Mattress Fundraiser!

Saturday, September 14th

10:00am - 5:00pm

Bernal Intermediate Gym

Facebook Event Link:


To all Bernal Intermediate families and friends,


The Bernal Intermediate is working towards raising thousands of dollars for our program and we need every family to go out and find two or three others that are in the market for a new mattress and get them to our sale on Saturday, September 14th. If every family does this we’ll take in over $20,000 so please do your part! It’s easy….

  • TALK with everyone you know about this event and invite them to come check it out! ANYTHING they can find at a local mattress store they’ll find right here on campus on Saturday, September 14th. This is the #1 way people learn about this event.... personal connections and having a conversation!
  • Take a picture of the flyer below and text it to your friends and family with the following message: "The Bernal Intermediate needs your help! Our Mattress Sale is Saturday, September 14th! Great beds, better prices. If you need a mattress, call me and I can explain.”
  • Go to the Facebook event and click on “Going” then INVITE all of your friends and family, and SHARE on your newsfeed and any community pages you are part of!!! Repost it on your newsfeed often so that you make sure others actually see it!
  • Share the attached flyer via email / social media. Make one simple statement: “If there’s a mattress in your home that you need to replace, PLEASE ask me about a great opportunity to buy a brand new, name brand mattress, save money, and support (insert your students name) and the Bernal Intermediate!"
  • Check out this short video to see how this works or check out the FAQs attached!

We’re not asking everyone to come in and buy a new mattress. We’re just asking those people that are already in the market for a new one to come in and check out what we have to offer! They’ll get the same products, save some money, and support our program in the process! It’s truly a win for all involved!


Thanks in advance for your support,


Miles Garner



Incentives for Bernal Students/Families:*

1 Referral: $25 Starbucks Gift Card

2 Referrals: $50 Starbucks Gift Card

3 Referrals: $100 Starbucks Gift Card

5 Referrals: $200 Starbucks Gift Card

10 Referrals: $500 Starbucks Gift Card


*Please note that if you are using this fundraiser to support your Washington DC trip, these incentives are not available. 


Advisory Teacher incentive:

The Advisory class with the most referrals for people to buy mattresses gets a $50 Starbucks Gift Card!


Check out the Mattress Fundraiser Commercial!