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Principal's Corner

May 2020

April 2020

Dear parents and guardians,

What an unprecedented and world-changing time we are in right now!  We are with you all in spirit and in our thoughts as all of our greater community deals with the COVID-19 crisis in their lives.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all that are dealing with a variety of financial, health, educational, and other important matters.  That our campus will not re-open for the remainder of the year, adds to the challenge and stress of this all.  Please know how much your student’s teachers and support staff miss your students.  As a staff we are still wrapping our minds around the new online and digital educational world we are in.  However, one thing is clear, never has Bernal been more committed to their students than right now. 

Bernal Intermediate School and the Oak Grove School District remain committed to continuing teaching and learning through a distance learning model.  As a district, we have implemented our distance learning in phases.  Phase 1 consisted of providing flexible work options both online and in person.  It also included providing daily meals—in a grab and go fashion—to those students and families that benefitted from this service.  In all, we passed out over 3,000 printed work packets and probably handed out just as many meals. 

Phase 2, beginning this week, means your student will be experiencing more direct contact and interaction with their teachers on a weekly basis.  So, it is extremely important that you and your student are aware that you will be receiving communication from your child’s teachers about digital distance learning opportunities. These enrichment activities will help ensure continuity of your child’s education, helping to prepare them for success in their next grade level.  To this end, inform your students to please check Google Classroom, school loop and other online portals for their teacher’s activities, projects and/or assignments as well as the days and times of office hours and/or virtual class times.


  • If you have a student with an IEP, please be sure to check for and respond to email from your student’s Case Manager
  • Reminder that all IEP meetings that are due during this school closure WILL be scheduled and held, so be sure to communicate with Case Managers for scheduling

We look forward to your partnership in making sure all students continue to progress down their learning paths in all subjects.  

As always, take care of yourselves, and each other!


Jamal D. Splane

Principal, Bernal Intermediate School


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