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Maintaining School Pride, School Spirit, Student Engagement & Student Belonging

Three years ago, teachers and administration mutually agreed to reallocate the approximately 20 minute-long “Silent Sustained Reading” (SSR) Period to the beginning of the school day. It was also agreed to replace SSR with an advisory period. This decision aligned with other school-wide initiatives toward becoming a student-centered school. Through our advisory class, students are able to develop connections and meaningful relationships with their teacher and group of peers within their “home” class. Our advisory program facilitates relationships and provides the structure that creates "connectedness" at Bernal. Activities and topics that take place during advisory include lessons on digital citizenship, peer conflict resolution, calculating grade-point averages, career exploration, hygiene, spirit competitions, music challenges as well as school, community, state, national and international news; and much more.  


One of our signature programs that maintains our school pride and school spirit is our student leadership elective. Bernal’s Student Leadership Program gives students the opportunity to affect both the school and their peers in several ways. Leadership students develop noontime activities that engages more students productively during lunch. Student Leaders also plan and implement lunchtime music, spirit rallies, Associate Student Body fundraising and fiscal oversight of student funds, and weekly Friday student and staff spirit days. These students also are responsible for our school-wide recycling program, and befriend and orient new students to our school.   


Academically, our leadership students are taught a curriculum, which includes a book study of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.  In addition, Leadership students engage in rigorous debate and projects, from which they learn about themselves, learn how they relate to others, learn public speaking skills, perform community service, and project management.  


Bernal also has fifteen lunch or after school student clubs.  The clubs are teacher-sponsored (teachers donate their time at no cost to the district), and student-led.  Clubs this year include Anime/Manga Club, Chess Club, CuBu Boys of Color (collaboration with 100 Black Men of Silicon Valley), Girls of Color Writing (Equity) Club, Latino Student Club, and many more.  

Rally 11.16.18
club day 18-19
winter band concert