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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:

Bernal Intermediate School prepares students for the academic, social, and behavioral rigors of high school, in order to be prepared for the rigors of college and careers. Through a combination of clear expectations, targeted instruction, and responsive supports, all students leave Bernal ready to excel at the next level of their lives.

School vision

Bernal Intermediate School ensures teaching and learning occur in safe environments that support the socio-emotional needs of students and adults. Schools, home, and community share responsibility for student success through proactive communication and respected “voice” for all stakeholders. At Bernal, teachers and staff maintain high expectations around the belief that all students can, and will, meet and exceed academic and behavioral standards when provided with appropriate supports. Teachers and staff engage in year round interdisciplinary teams with clear standards of professional practice, monitoring, and accountability. Teachers and staff support each other around instruction and school climate. All students have access to rigorous curriculum and assessments that are directly aligned to the standards. Instruction uses students’ prior knowledge, learning styles, and cultural background.

Bernal - front of school

Bernal Intermediate School

Principal:  Jamal Splane                                Assistant Principal:  Miles Garner   

Counselor:  Tara Reed                                   Counselor:  Martha Bejar Chavez

Instructional Coach:  Allison Crawford