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Positive & Safe School Climate

Fundamental to our positive and safe school climate is our implementation of school-wide Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports (PBIS). With the support of our Board of Trustees, Superintendent, and Educational Services Division, all staff is trained and play key roles in implementing PBIS with fidelity across our entire school. Bernal’s administrators, teachers, counselors, instructional aides, and our kitchen and office staff consistently administer the tenets of the PBIS program. From our kickoff at the beginning of the year and throughout each day at Bernal, there is no shortage of PBIS language used in and out of classrooms across the school by all staff. Teachers and other staff teach, model, and role play what school expectations look and sound like in all areas of the school. Our PBIS program consists of an incentive system, spearheaded by Bronco Bucks acknowledgements and supported digitally by the web-based platform HERO, to our PBIS store that is run by teachers during lunchtime and our “reboot” teaching and training of expectations mid-year. Our school behavior motto is R²ISE, which stands for Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Safety, and Excellence. When it comes to setting the behavioral standard and expectations at Bernal, all staff remain consistent and in harmony, and are - to borrow a line from the movie Drumline - “one band, one sound”!  


We are confident that since the full implementation of PBIS at Bernal, our student behavior and staff/student relationships has improved significantly. Over the past three years, we are consistently realizing fewer discipline referrals to the office as well as fewer incidents overall. Staff has learned to handle student issues with new skills, whether academic or personal/social, and students also respond to adults differently than in years prior to PBIS. We understand that a common language among all adults and a foundation of positivity and intervening on the behalf of students with various supports has changed the climate and culture of our school. We are proud that our students have raised up to meet our high expectations and demonstrate pride in doing so daily. Our R²ISE motto is modeled by all adults and exemplified in student behavior across our campus. Staff and students can be heard helping and reminding each other of these basic manners, which are the highlights of our PBIS program.

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