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Monitoring Program Implementation

As stated earlier, we take our job of improving student outcomes very seriously at Bernal.  Our Leadership team of Principal, Assistant Principal, Instructional Coach, and Counselors, meet weekly as the Bernal Leadership Team. This team supports the implementation of all student support systems and monitors program effectiveness through a variety of ways that includes the following:

  • conducting classroom observations
  • meeting with teachers, parents, and students
  • reviewing end-of term grades (with specific attention paid to the grades of students with IEPs, 504 plans, SSTs, African-American and Hispanic students, and students designated as migrant, homeless or foster youth)
  • examining Student Study Team (SST) data
  • analyzing office discipline referral data
  • studying PLC meeting notes
  • surveying teacher team meeting notes
  • evaluating Read and Math 180 usage and performance data
  • interpreting District ELA and Math benchmark data