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Interdependent Teamwork: Supporting Students Beyond the Classroom

Even when the R³ instructional framework is delivered at the highest level of fidelity, we realize that for a variety of reasons, not all students will respond (benefit) solely from good teaching. Tier 2 supports for students are put in place with everyone understanding that ALL students are OUR students and even if a particular student is not on a teacher’s roster, per se, that teacher will still have an interest in indirectly supporting that student’s success. Because of this, we gather as many key stakeholders together to plan interventions and targeted instruction. This allows a variety of backgrounds, experience, skills and talents to be part of the solution-design process.   


As part of our systems of support, we created “schools within a school” by giving approximately 120 students to the same team of teachers that consists of one teacher from each academic department (English, History, Math, and Science). Though not completely 100% pure, having a majority of students shared, allows teachers to streamline conversations and problem-solving sessions, ultimately allowing strategies and solutions to be implemented with fidelity across all the student’s classes. Greater consistency of instruction also provides opportunities for students to adjust and respond better to the interventions. Monthly, structured teacher planning time is scheduled to allow each team to address various student needs on a consistent and ongoing basis.    

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