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Model Programs and Practices

Bernal Intermediate School: Where Student Outcomes are the Center of What We Do.  At Bernal, we’ve built a family that consists of all stakeholders: students, parents, teachers and support staff, and local community. We’ve developed a mission and vision for our school that ensures every action, every school-wide process, and every task to be completed fulfills one of four core values that together, improves student outcomes.  Bernal’s core values are synonymous with our model programs and practices:

  • A positive and safe school climate
  • instruction that is Rigorous, Relevant to student’s lives and experiences; and built on strong teacher/student Relationships
  • Working in interdependent teams of professionals and recognizing that each team member has a distinctive background and vast knowledge as well as strengths and skills that are to be utilized in order to enhance student learning
  • Maintaining a sense of school pride and school spirit for ALL stakeholders, including students, staff, and parents/families
Bernal's Vision Triangle