Bernal Sports Schedules

Track and Field

Track and Field 2017

Meet Schedule

4/27 @ Valley Christian

5/5 @ Santa Teresa High School

5/10 @ Christopher High School

5/18 @ Oak Grove

5/25 @ Mt. Pleasant High School  *Playoffs*


Welcome to the 2017 track and field season at Bernal.  We will have mandatory practice Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday until the end of the season.  Practices will be from 2:35-3:40 and only on school days.  There is a late activity bus that leaves Bernal at 3:45.   We would like for the students to be able to commit to Bernal Track for the season which ends on May 25.  To ensure that the athletes are committed to this team we will allow only 2 absences from practices before the athlete will no longer be able to compete at the meets.


New this year, we will have optional qualifying only Mondays.  There is no late bus on Mondays so those practices are optional.  On Mondays we will have a light warmup and then go directly to qualifying for individual events.  There will be other times during the week to qualify but you will get more opportunities for marks and to work on your form.


Our track meets will be longer days for the athletes.  Track meets typically run from 3-6:30 sometimes later depending on the number of schools attending.  We will have a bus to get athletes to the track meets but each athlete will need to have their own rides home.  They will also be required to check out with an adult before they leave the track meets.


For practices athletes should wear PE clothes or athletic apparel suitable for the track.  Also water, sunscreen and possibly cold weather gear is recommended.

Soccer and Volleyball Games

Soccer AND Volleyball start times 3:45pm

3/1 Davis @ Bernal

3/2 @ Herman

3/14 Solorsano @ Bernal

3/15 @ South Valley

3/21 Britton @ Bernal

3/28 @ Brownell

3/30 @ Murphy

4/11,12,13 Soccer & Volleyball playoffs @ TBA

Volleyball and Soccer Practice Schedules



Boys Volleyball:

Mondays - Thursdays 2:45pm - 3:45pm


Mon. 3/13 - no boys volleyball practice

Mon. 3/27 - no boys volleyball practice


Boys Soccer:

Mondays - Thursdays 2:45pm - 3:45pm


Girls Soccer:

Mondays - Thursdays 2:45pm - 3:45pm


Mon. 3/27 - no girls soccer practice


Girls Volleyball:

Mondays - Thursdays 3:45pm - 5:00pm

B Volleyball Practices & Games


Mondays - Thursdays 2:30 - 3:45



3/7 Bernal @ Herman 3:30

3/16 Bernal @ Davis 3:30

3/23 Herman @ Bernal 3:30



Soccer and Volleyball Tryouts

Boys Soccer:

  • Information meeting on Thursday, January 26th at lunch in the weight room.
  • Tryouts begin Tuesday, January 31st (2:35 - 4:00pm)


Girls Soccer:

  • Information meeting on Thursday, January 26th at lunch in the Big Gym
  • Tryouts begin Wednesday, February 1st (2:35 - 3:30pm)

Boys Basketball Games

Boys Basketball start times 3:45 unless noted

12/12 @ Bridges

12/13 Jamborees  7th @ Britton         8th @ South Valley

1/3 Herman @ Bernal

1/5  Russel @ Bernal

1/10 @ Brownell

1/11  South Valley @ Bernal

1/12 @ Valley Christian

1/19 @ Murphy

1/24 @Britton

1/26 Solorsano @ Bernal

1/31 Davis @ Bernal

2/7,8,9 Boys Playoff Dates @ TBA

Girls Basketball Games

Girls Basketball Start times 3:45 unless noted

10/19 @ Herman 3:30

11/1 @ Brownell

11/3 Solorsano @ Bernal

11/8 Davis @ Bernal

11/10 @ Britton

11/15  South Valley @ Bernal

11/17  Bernal @ Murphy

11/29 Bernal @ Valley Christian

12/6,7,8 Girls Basketball Playoffs @ TBA

Cross Country Meets

Cross Country

9/8 @ Christmas Hill Park

9/15 @ Christmas Hill Park

9/28 @ Bernal

10/6  @ Christmas Hill Park  (playoffs)

10/13  @ Christmas Hill Park   (Playoffs)

Bernal's First Powderpuff Team!

Bernal's First Powderpuff Team!

Pictured Above:

Paige W., Sophie Y., Abby N., Savannah B., Mr. Beaulieu, Orie P., Leivey M., Montze N., Breena B., Liza T., Dana T., Julissa C., Mia B., Kyra L., Isabel M.

Bernal's Roller Hockey Team! Winter Championship Winners!

Bernal's Roller Hockey Team! Winter Championship Winners!

Pictured Above:

Max E., Luke M., Nico C., Zachary C., Joshua C.

Playing on Bernal through free-agency: Joshiro L. and Kentaro L.

Not photographed: Grayson B.